Summer Worship Schedule

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We will begin our summer worship schedule with one service a month on the second Sunday starting June 14. This will continue until UIUC classes resume in the fall.

New Luther Movie Screening

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In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we have an opportunity to watch the New Luther Movie. This film explores the life of Martin Luther and his quest for truth, bringing to life the key events of the Reformation. “It explores the truths of the Reformation: Christ at the center of our faith, the importance of God’s undeserved … Read More

Incorrect Service Schedule

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Due to a bug in the plugin we use with our calendar, it is currently not displaying correct service times. We are working to restore functionality. If you have questions or need to know when services are, contact Jeff Clark.

Return to Wittenberg Conference

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We would like to encourage everyone to check out the Return to Wittenberg conference, to be held in Milwaukee at the end of July this year. This year’s conference asks the quintessential Lutheran question – “What Does This Mean?” and uses Luther’s Small Catechism as a guide for the topics. To find out more, visit